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The 5Ways Foodservice Story

At 5Ways Foodservice, we like to offer
"...that little bit more."

Built on vast foodservice experience, expertise, and a strong customer focus, we believe in the little things that make a difference. Despite our progress, we still operate on the same core family values - fairness, ownership, confidence, unity, and sustainability.

Our vision is to be our customer's most valued business partner - so whether it is ensuring that your order is delivered on time, to our team providing industry knowledge on the latest market trends - we believe in our people, our business partnerships, and invest in our tools and systems to help deliver our customers convenience, quality assurance and trusted, reliable service.

Our Foodservice Family

Established in 2001 by five passionate and focused individuals, 5Ways Foodservice is a family owned and operated distributor, servicing Melbourne and regional Victoria.

5Ways Foodservice works with quality brands and foodservice business partners to provide an extensive product range that caters to the needs of our customers in the restaurant and catering industry. Our team of foodservice experts also ensures that your menu reflects the latest trends in the market.

At 5Ways Foodservice, we understand what it takes to run successful businesses - so whether you are a small owner operator, or manage a "family" of multiple venues, we want to support our customers with an extensive product range, reliable service, competitive prices, and of course "...that little bit more."


5Ways Foodservice

A food distribution partner you can rely on.