Who We Are

The 5Ways Foodservice slogan is "... and that little bit more" and we offer exactly that, more service, quality, and knowledge.

There are 3 exclusive characteristics that belong to any business:
1. Service
2. Quality
3. Price

In this industry, price competitiveness and quality products are common, but good service is a scarcity. Customers are provided with a product and nothing more. 5Ways Foodservice brings a personal touch to every experience, we are a family, and we like to make our clients feel part of our family.

5Ways Foodservice provides an extensive product range that caters to the needs of our customers and that also reflects the trends in the market.

5Ways Foodservice Trucks
Easy. Helpful. Reliable.

The 5Ways Story

Established in 2001 by five passionate and focused individuals, 5Ways Foodservice is a family owned distributor; built on vast experience, solid family ties and strong customer focus. Despite our success, we still operate on the same core family values; that’s why we pride ourselves on quality, great service and reliability, and that’s why we’re your foodservice provider. Our core message that is delivered in everything that we do, is to be Helpful to our Customers, Easy to deal with and to be their only Reliable Food Service Distribution Partner. We have created a business that meets the needs of the market with exceptional service, price competitiveness and of course that little bit more.