5Ways Foodservice has built a reputation as a top quality foodservice distributor.

5Ways Foodservice has had a certified Quality Management System since 2004 and a certified HACCP Food Safety System since establishment. 5Ways Foodservice only source products from manufacturing suppliers adhering to a HACCP based food safety system. 5Ways Foodservice transports approved and accredited products in temperature controlled trucks ensuring product delivery is within temperature requirements. 5Ways Foodservice are fully committed to providing a high service level while continually improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our fully documented and controlled quality management system. Senior management are committed to providing the resources necessary to maintain and continually improve the current management system and assure customer satisfaction.

We care about our Environmental Footprint

As a leading business, we take our responsibilities to the region, the workplace and the environment seriously.

5Ways Foodservice have implemented plans to reduce our carbon footprint. We employ over 100 team members and service over 1,000 clients nationally and we take our impact on the communities and families we serve seriously. Through investment in our people, technology, the community and environmental management, 5Ways Foodservice aims to make a positive contribution to real sustainability:

  • Upgraded facilities to maximise efficiencies
  • Implemented comprehensive reuse and recycling programs in the warehouse
  • Invested in newer model equipment (trucks) with the latest fuel saving technology
  • Reduce miles year by year to reduce carbon footprint

5Ways Foodservice is committed to sourcing options for the environmentally-conscious foodservice operator, making it easier for our clients to have green operations:

  • Recycled, recyclable and decomposable products
  • Local, organic and natural products in all categories
  • Review of operations to decrease your carbon footprint


We are excited about our progress and pride ourselves on being a sustainable business and a responsible member of our local economies.